Ads & Marketing
Ads & MarketingAds & Marketing

Expand the functionality of traditional marketing tools by adding Augmented Reality. Increase the consumer engagement, let the customers interact with advertisements! The use of AR helps a consumer to participate in the marketing campaign, interacting with it through the phone and environment. Increase sales efficiency and brand awareness while decreasing marketing costs, use digital technologies.

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Solutions for Ads & MarketingSolutions for Ads & Marketing

Attract new potential customers. Increase the return on advertising products, reduce advertising costs. Stand out from the competitors, take your brand to a new level with AR. Digital immersive marketing solutions from AR-GO Lab company.

AR publishingAR publishing

Combine traditional media materials with multimedia content. Enliven traditional marketing materials. Use the platform ARGO.LIVE for the integration of media materials with Augmented Reality. Increase the level of consumer engagement in the new advertising space with AR.

AR Leaflets

Use ARGO.Live - a digital tool with augmented reality for use with traditional marketing materials. Add a QR code to your printed materials - booklets, leaflets, business cards, WEB sites and turn them into an effective digital product. Use AR viewing via mobile phone. Printed materials will become interactive digital presentations on the phone screen. Use statistics, analyze the actions of visitors, manage content online. Increase the effectiveness of advertising by 80% through the use of immersive technologies!

AR Paper calendars

Create an interactive digital tool based on traditional paper calendars using the ARGO.Live augmented reality platform. Publish in ARGO.Live events, event announcements, special offers, photos/videos/3D images of products. Turn paper calendars and billboards into an active sales and CRM tool. It is enough to point the phone's camera at the QR code and an ordinary calendar will turn into a bright digital product on the phone screen. Attract new customers, reduce advertising costs through the use of digital technologies.

AR in paper media

Post interactive AR content in newspapers and magazines. Combine paper media materials with virtual content using the ARGO.Live platform. Just add a QR code to the material in the publication. Now interactive newspaper blocks will be visible on the phone screen in augmented reality. Change interactive materials online, use statistics, analyze the actions of visitors, customize the display for certain categories of consumers.

AR Business cards

Create a unique interactive presentation about yourself and your business using augmented reality in the ARGO.Live platform. Now your business card will tell you about you. Add holograms, videos, and 3D objects to your business card. Use a QR code or NFC tag to activate the virtual presentation. Create a dialogue with consumers using the Instant communication form.

Smart packageSmart package

Use the innovative product ARGO.PACK to attract consumers and improve the perception of the product. Let the packaging sell the product itself by adding interactive content to it. Improve your product by telling about its history, its value and its creation. Promote your product through media events and events. Create vivid impressions, increase customer engagement and brand awareness!

- Simplify the consumer's understanding of the features and qualities of the product - from its creation to the end of the life cycle.
- Make the dialogue available to consumers with the help of an instant communication form.
- Use exciting game content to attract to the product.

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AR animation looks likeAR animation looks like
Responsive advertisingResponsive advertising
Use an interactive digital tool for adaptive advertising of products in augmented reality. Create bright interactive marketing programs based on traditional advertising locations – showcases, billboards, posters. Just publish on the platform augmented reality ARGO.Live special offers, photos/videos/3D images of products. Your ad adapts itself to the display time, changing according to the established algorithms. On the phone screen, ordinary storefronts become an interactive digital tool for selling products. Thanks to augmented reality, the consumer becomes a participant in an advertising company, interacting with it with his phone and the environment. Use statistics, analyze the actions of visitors. Increase the effectiveness of advertising by 80% through the use of immersive technologies!
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Virtual showroomVirtual showroom

Increase your sales with a virtual showroom ARGO.DECO. With a AR visualization technology, your customers can see and experience your product before they purchase it. Bring customer’s attention, let him try a virtual product first, and involve him in the shopping process. Furniture, and decoration items can be virtually transferred to your client’s interiors with augmented reality technology. The client can create his own virtual space with 3D models of your goods in his yourself place. Simply by clicking the catalogs, choosing the colors and details through the built-in configurator.

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ARGO.LIVE platformARGO.LIVE platform

ARGO.LIVE platform is a powerful and simple solution for using and managing AR technology. It is used by our clients for creating and demonstration of their AR campaigns. This platform allows fast and simple start of use of augmented reality, immediately posting the contents.

Just create your content and release it!

Use any kind of media materials as a base for AR: leaflets, calendars, business cards, web sites. Use our platform for downloading any type of virtual content: 3D models, pictures, video, panoramic views, links, etc.

The advantages of ARGO.LIVE platform:
- Free and easy access for your customers
- Multi-lingual interface
- Customer-friendly interface
- The app is optimized for mobile platforms, available for iOS/Android
- Available as a mobile app or WEB AR

AR AnimationAR Animation
Create an interactive vivid game presentation of your products using augmented reality. Give consumers new impressions, let them get carried away with your products, create an element of surprise, stand out among competitors. Promote your product through media promotions, events, games, and daily updates. Improve the consumer's perception of your product.
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